Why You Will Love Rugerks Perks

We have introduced RUGERKS PERKS!  Where you will earn Shopping Points or every dollar you spend. We want to say THANK YOU for shopping at Rugerks "Spices That Makes The Difference"

Join our Reward system and start collecting Points. 

How Does It Work

Simple click the Rugerks Reward on the home page to sign up or Login to access your account.  

Place an Order 

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Simple Ways To Earn Rugerks Points 


Every $1 you spend 


On your Birthday 


Share on Facebook 



Like on Facebook 


Share on Instagram


How Can I Earn Rugerks Points?

There are many ways to earn Shopping Points and we hope you will take advantage of our program. Spend more and earn more right!  Here are more ways to earn! 

  • Place and order - 8 Rugerks Points for every $1 spent 

  • Share on Facebook - 50 Rugerks Points 

  • Like on Face - 50 Rugerks  Points 

  • Follow on Instagram - 50 Rugerks  Points 

  • Customers will earn 250 Rugerks  Points on thier birthday. You will be required to provide your birthday information

Referral Incentive 

We also have a Referral Incentive for customers referrred and for referring a customer. Here is how it works: Once you refer a customer to Rugerks and that friends makes a purchase, they earn an instant $5 off discount and you also earn $5 off discount for your next shopping. You may want to use those discounts soon because they expire in 30 days. You will locate your referral link at the bottom left on the home page when you are logged into your account.

  • $5 Off Discount for referrring a friend 

  • $5 Off Discount when your friend makes a purchase 

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How To Redeem Rugerks Points 

  • Points are redeemed at a fixed amount of points 

  • Reward value starts at 500 points equals to $5 discount value off entire order

  • There is no minumum requirement to use your disount value 

  • Discount applies to all orders 

  • Rewards expire in 6 months after issue

  • Use it or you lose it 

Order Discount 

  • Discounts can be redeemed in increments of points 

  • Customers must earn a minimum of 500 points required to redeem a reward

  • Customers earn $1.00 off entire order for every 100 points redeemed 

  • Minimum purchase required is $10

  • Applies to all orders 

  • Rewards expire in 6 months after issue

  • Use it or you lose it 

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Points  Expiration 

You will recieve an email notification when your Rugerks Points are expiring soon. This email is sent 30 days before your points are expired. Points are unique and are only applicable to members and guest on the account.  However, to use your points earned, you must become a member of the shopping club.  There are no fees to join. 

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