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Is There a Difference Between Cilantro vs Parsley

What are your thoughts? Do you think there is a significant difference between the two? I have mistakenly grabbed one over the other and to tell you the truth, it didn't even matter.

In my opinion they both served the purpose but has a different taste.

The debate

The cilantro vs the parsley, let's break it down and see if there is much of a difference.

Parsley and cilantro are culinary herbs that look nearly identical but taste and smell quite differently. Parsley has a fresh, mild scent. Cilantro has a strong, citrusy aroma, which some people describe as soapy. The scientific name for Parsley is Petroselinum crispum and Coriandrum sativum for cilantro. At least we can say the names are very different from their appearances. Cilantro and Parsley could pass as sisters from two different mothers, you can tell them apart by examining their leaves. Cilantro leaves are more rounded, while parsley leaves are pointed.


Parsley and cilantro are both very low in calories but rich in certain vitamins, most notably vitamin K. They’re also a source of antioxidants that can help protect your cells from oxidative damage.

The Taste of The Two

Parsley and cilantro both add flavor and color to recipes, but they’re not interchangeable. Parsley has a mild, bright flavor that’s very versatile, while cilantro has a much stronger, citrusy flavor.

Let's Conclude

Parsley and cilantro are leafy green herbs that might look like twins, but they have very different flavors and culinary uses. Parsley tends to be more versatile, while fresh cilantro brings a strong herbaceous, citrusy flavor to recipes. They’re similar nutritionally, although parsley comes out ahead for its vitamin K content. Both are rich in antioxidants.

Using either of the two in your diet may help with your health and put some kick to your meals. No, they are not spicy!

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